Simple storage/warehouse management app made with React using modern frontend solutions. Conceived as a practical exercise in React, this project employs several important libraries from the ecosystem - And Design for UI, Apex Charts for data display and Redux with Redux-Saga for state management. Communicates data with a rudimentary CRUD PHP Api.

Having watched Dan Shiffman's video on WFC I really wanted to have a go at the code -- and, even more so, at designing a tileset. At the same time, I strongly believe in using wrong tools for the job, as it really helps with creativity and problem solving. PHP feels like an absolute wrong choice for generative art, so there it is.

Nuxt-powered website with healthy salad recipes, healthy clean design and healthy SSR. The aim of this demo was to try make a server side rendered, fast, slick and responsive website. Nuxt runs on Node at Heroku but it gets all the data from a MySQL database through a public api here at /nuxt-recipes-api. Redeployed to after Heroku sellout.

Demo of a Vue.js planer app for college/university - with some magical data to boot! In this project I tried to maximize Vuex by delegating as much logic as possible to it - and it still works and performs like a treat. Note that the whole point of this app is a big interactive timetable so it's optimized primarily for large screens.

Here I wanted to make something mobile, sleek and contemporary looking in Vue. The linear structure was initially designed for a food-ordering app, but I decided that alchemical apparatus simulator is far more fun. And instead of a boring checkout backend I could do some potion generating stuff. Optimized primarily for mobile portrait.

Card game drafting app - build (and inspect) your deck from a series of random deals. Composition API is quite pleasant to use, it surely made my files more concise and readable. Made with Vue3 Composition API and TypeScript, as an exercise in this kind of Vue tooling. Interactive picker, stat curves and card previews with some built-in-vue and some custom animations.

I was interested to see how easy it would be to integrate Vue without build tools with static html page. I had this apartments mockup lying around and decided to quickly fluff it up with standard filtering/displaying state -- and it was extremely straightforward!

I wanted to practice class based components with React and I decided on a simple comparison app - with interactive graphs as a bonus. The script is minified via Rollup and hooked up onto a premade HTML page, styled with SCSS to be responsive with dark mode support.

PSX styled, low poly houseplant generator in p5.js. Get a load of PLANTS. Exploring the PSX style I wanted to make some low poly plants - but instead of making a bunch of similar models I got inspired by CodingTrain videos and I decided to make a generator in p5.js. I'd guess that usually the aliasing of the default WEBGL mode is not welcomed - but here it makes my plants so much more PSX-y!

A quick flat-styled minigame demo, result of a little vanilla JS & CSS exercise. As a game it is far from perfect or even usable, as I'm sure that the optimal stategy could be found in 5 minutes. Still, the point was to make some nice visuals and I think they turned out pretty neat.

A Dota/Touhou fanart in the form of a fully functional playable bullet-hell game demo - with a single page landing website similar to Dota patch release sites. The game was coded from scratch in Godot 3.2, all assets were custom made: 2d sprites/vfx with Photoshop/AE, 3d with Blender, music/sfx with LMMS/Audacity.

Some time ago I needed a simple metronome with a 'skip x bars' functionality to train keeping time - which is especially important at lower tempos. No online metronome was satisfying, so I made this little thingy in vanilla JS. It uses js-controlled SVG animations to dynamically transform the button.

Simple vanilla JS minesweeper clone. It has all the necessary functionalities - basic gameplay, difficulty settings (with custom board sizes), flagging - and uses no libraries whatsoever. It isn't exactly responsive, but is playable on mobile.

A quick sketch of a classic battleships game with move count for solo play. Features dark and light mode styling.