I'm Dorian, an independent creator and craftsman. With the aid my background in art and philosophy I transcribe imagination onto technology.

				Drink branding concept inspired by Caves of Qud. Designed with Photoshop and Illustrator,
				3D renders produced in 3ds Max.

				Old man character design sculpted, modeled and rendered in Blender.

				Corporate branding concept (web and print design) for agriculture and chemistry firm

				Clean vector lineart of Witch Doctor character from Diablo 3,
				hand drawn and then digitized and refactored to vector in Illustrator.

				Stylized 3d rendering of a conceptual fantasy-themed geothermal laboratory.
				Modeled and rendered in Blender.

				Low poly textured model of a Protostatue from Nuclear Throne with stylized portal animation.
				Modeled, painted and animated in Blender.

				Website concept for a bistro restaurant. Logo provided by the owner.

				Concept and model of a fantastic demonologist's castle. Game-ready low poly model
				with hand-painted textures.

				Conceptual rendering of a flying pod based on the Scootacar done in Blender.

				Animated advertisement of a conceptual sci-fi welding/drilling tool. 3D model
				mixed with animations made with After Effects.

				Architectural visualization of a luxury apartment interior design made in Blender.

				2D intro for a science show or cartoon, designed and animated in After Effects.

				Isometric vector style illustration for an imagined data center corporate website.

				Promotional animation for a new train station stylized for a blueprint look.

				Concept of a vector logo and t-shirt design for a Soundscape electronic music festival; made in Illustrator.

				Concept of a vector cover art for 'Memories of Mars' music album made in Illustrator.